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adrienne. Airline. January 23rd , 2018.

As the National Airline of the United Arab Emirates, Etihad Airways aims to provide the utmost in Arabian hospitality as they travel from 68 destinations in 43 countries around the world. Five different seating classes offer an array of high-end features, with the Diamond First Class Suite being the most luxurious. Here in your own personal suite, enjoy a 6'8" extra wide bed that lays perfectly flat, your own food and beverage manager offering five star dining with fine wines, 23-inch widescreen TV, personal mini bar, massage chair, and complete privacy among other features.

Swiss Airlines have had a longstanding reputation for courtesy and efficiency, and so far their reputation remains solid topping some of the best airlines around. All the expected luxury appointments and services are present but for those wishing for a bit more, your inner techno- geek will appreciate too-cool features that are all too entertaining to ignore. For one, your video monitor can display flight data, such as air speed, distance flown and distance remaining. While such technology has been around for years, Swiss, always innovative, has upped the ante: two onboard cameras let you watch the world in front of the aircraft as well as below it.

With a slew of awards under their belt including 2010 Air Transport World 'Airline of the Year,' Air New Zealand continues to impress with exceptional customer service and Luxury accommodations. Their Business Premiere class offers guests a 22-inch wide seat that transforms into a six-foot lie-flat bed; personal entertainment center with an expansive list of TV shows, movies, music videos, and games; and food options like pan seared snapper, braised beef short rib, and passionfruit panna cotta. New amenities have been added to the already opulent features including touch-screens to operate in-flight entertainment and food orders.

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